Brett Netson of Built to Spill to drop album as Brett Netson & Snakes


If you made a Mount Rushmore of 90s bands, Pacific Northwest indie rockers Built to Spill would certainly be on it. The intensity of their guitar-driven rock was part of a movement that many contemporary indie bands have to thank. Archers of Loaf, Pavement, Dismemberment Plan, and Built to Spill’s sister band, Caustic Resin would also all be on the list.

Our longtime friend Brett Netson — of Built to Spill and Caustic Resin (as well as a recent member of metal powerhouse Earth)—is set to drop a new record with his band Snakes later this month called Scavenger Cult. Every 90s, Generation X-er should be lining up to snag a copy of this great release.

The opening track, “Play On” is a hard, 70s-style rock song with ominous vocals and that very distinct Brett Netson sounding guitar, that wobbly screech. Certainly less poppy than Built to Spill, it still has that signature grittiness found on most Built to Spill and Caustic Resin releases.

We’re thrilled Brett came to us to press the album for him, which is on 12” 180g vinyl.  The audio was recorded to analog tape and mastered entirely with analog equipment. Sounds pretty sick. Head over to Brett’s Bandcamp to pre-order the record—but don’t delay because it’s a limited run release (and a recent Australian import version of the record sold out very fast).

You can also grab a digital copy of Brett’s solo album from 2011, Simple Work for the Dead, on iTunes.

Scavenger Cult was #madebymorphius



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